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Ad Rates

This website is one of many Travel\Entertainment websites
maintained by Firecane Media. We provide the following services to small business's and the travel industry.

Banner Ad Campaigns

Minimum Purchase $50
Cost Range $2-$10 Per 1000 Page Impressions
Price depends on placement, traffic, and size of media purchase.

Website Design

- Single Page Domain Ads starting at $199\year
- Starter Kit $499
- Small Business Full Cycle Development $1999

Search Engine Management

- GrassRoots Search
- Paid Search
- Traffic Reports

Media Blitz

Websites with Internet Blitz
Search, Banners, Content Placement, Social Media
Radio and TV
Print and Snail Mail
Creative Promo
Contact List Management

Software Development and Support

Property Management Software Support
Custom Application Development (PHP, .Net, Java)

- IT Support

Business Center Installs
Staff Training (Basic Internet, Security, PC Power User)


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Great Travel Site provides discount travel rates for hotels, vacation rentals, airfare, cars, and cruises. We have offices in New Orleans, LA, and Austin, TX USA and also provide web design and computer services for the Gulf Coast Business Community.

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