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July 1 CONVID-19 Travel Update

For those brave enough to fly or drive into Seattle, some areas are open for business. But it has also been a hot spot for protestors and general social un-rule. With the recent re-surge of virus spread, the fun just doesn't seem like a good idea for the 4th of July weekend. Hotel rates have risen in recent weeks, especially in anticipation for the holiday weekend. The GTS staff ended up bailing on our big out of state plans, in state fishing plans, and it looks like our last ditch watch fireworks at home plans. Flight are available into Seattle, but they are also not at rock bottom prices anymore either. Maybe things will look OK for a fishing trip to the area soon.

May Update

As the first major US city to be hit by Corona Virus, in theory Seattle has be one of the first American cities to open back up. As may costly approaches we can start to look to the emerald city for a little light at the end of the very sad tunnel. Airfare and Hotels are now super cheap for the summer time, with the possibilities that travel restrictions with both be lifted, and a good idea sometime this summer. I know it seems like wishful thinking, but Summer of Fun Seattle addition is on the maybe list for the great travel site fun blogging Krew.


Fun things to-do is Seattle
- Take a boat cruise, or two
- Check out one of many impressive Gardens
- Parks and Museums
- Check out the Music Scene
- Restaurants and Bars
- Pro Sports Teams
- Fishing, Hiking, and Outdoor Stuff
- Skiing and Mountains
- The Water

Cool Hotels

- The Edgewater
- Inn at the Market
- Watertime
- Mediterranean Inn
- Ace
- Panama

Retaurant Pics

- Nirmal's
- Bateau
- Canlis
- Hitchcock



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